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Membuat blog menjadi No 1 di Google

These are tips on how to make the blog we became No. 1 on Google
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No doubt, a website or blog that is ranked top in search results on google search engine, has a greater opportunity to visit the internet users. They tend to be more interested in visiting your website or blog that is perched and plastered his name on google home page. This is because it is considered more relevant to the keywords they’re looking for, except of course for the practical aspects and it is easy. There seldom internet users who want to find up to the next pages of google search results.

In short, the bustling traffic and a high pagerank website or blog is the key to winning the competition successful internet business. This is the main requirement if you want a popular website or blog and you sell and get a lot of jobs / work from the advertiser, or vendor merchanct
online. So, the only way to master the Internet market is
increase traffic, increase your PageRank, backlinks and multiply
promote your website or blog widest in the world without borders

The question is, how do I make a website or blog we are on the start page on google search results? Actually, there are many ways and strategies that can be applied to increase traffic and improve google pagerank website / blog.

The first way is to apply search engine optimization strategy, or better known as SEO, search engine stands optimation.Ada 8 basis points and key elements that you need SEO perhatikanuntuk support, ie Domain Name, Title, or head, Meta Keyword, Meta Description, kontens / content, Sitemap, Natural listings, and last Backilnk.

SEO techniques are divided into two, namely OnPage and OffPage. OnPage
SEO is a technique applied in a way dilakukanatau
set of the websites / blogs, such keywords and maximizing
description to be more easily recognizable and readable by search engines
google. OffPage While SEO is utilizing the space
outside blogs. This can be done for example by mentioning the name of the blog
website or blog address in other (natural listings) or share a banner or link with
other blogs. This mode is the most effective way to boost
blog popularity

Based on the above techniques, then in OnPage SEO, between domain naman, name of the blog, the title
posts, the key words used in rich posts (content) to the meta keywords and meta description should
strongly interrelated. That is, should use words
similar and consistent, so the search engine is easy to recognize. To help seOnPage SEO, use Submit your blog now. This is useful for monitoring traffic pengunjug either daily, weekly or monthly. Take advantage of also / webmasters / tools. Webmaster tool is useful to summarize the entire contents of our blog, so easy to read google.Sedangkan to OffPage SEO, you are actively spreading the website address / your blog to many search engines, webdirectory or article directory. Also you have to actively exchange banner or link exchange, and exchange traffic or exchange visits with other bloggers.

To register your blog to search engines try to Other sites With such sites you can register your blog to various search engines, not just google and yahoo. Submit your blogs to blog directories or article directories for your post. Thus, the posts and your blog will be increasingly recognized. There are hundreds of sites like this. Try search in google with key word add url, blog directories and such. Then register your blog on sana.Satu example is Register your blog here to send to various search engines.

While at OffPage SEO, which is required is to include or putting identity, your blog address in a variety of different-different places as much as possible, like in many other search engines, web / blog ditectory, the article directories. and. In this way, the different search engines will easily find a web / blog. Moreover, it is bakclink name address your website / blog in the web / blogs of others. How many blaclink, shows the level populeritas your blog.

Outside of SEO, there are many other ways that can be done to put your blog on google search pages. One is black SEO. This is called black, because it is invisible, aka sort of cat and mouse danboleh sly. Do not apply a straightforward SEOini adnda padablog Ansense registered at google.

Another way that you can still do is to exchange links and traffic exchange. Both are very fast way to increase your blog’s pagerank. How to exchange links and traffic can be done either manually or automatically. To exchange links, try to register your blog to the site www, You can exchange your blog link in there with hundreds or even thousands of other blogs. To exchange traffic, likewise, there is a manual, some automatic. Try to Sign up there and exchange traffic with you as many users or owners of other blogs.

Give your website / blog you are a bit touch and simple ideas for amazing results. Follow the step by step, and make your website / blog you become number one on google.



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  2. thanks for this info. To be no1 in google !!!

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