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What is takdir?

Many people are still wondering what the fate that? Islam says that Taqdir are provisions that God has set. Even long before all the creatures were created, God had written all taqdir creatures from the beginning of the period until the final day.

But we must understand that taqdir that no one knows except God alone. So we can not say that I was not able to be rich because God taqdir. Because of where we know that in the future that we remain poor? So for humans and all makhluq yagn taqdir name of God is supernatural and mystery. Because it is unlawful someone not trying to stand idly by reason already taqdir. Though God himself as the author Taqdir has ordered us to try and work and seek. Because it is a sin because taqdir blame against the commandments of God.

Long before we, the people had once been at loggerheads about the fate of this into two extreme camps. The first is that given all the taqdir, do not want to work and business. The second one that does not believe in taqdir and 100% of the opinion that human beings decide what will happen. For Ahlussunnah wal pilgrims, the correct position is between the two, which does not invalidate the taqdir but keep trying.

People who commit suicide are not out of taqdir God, because we only know whether an incident is taqdir from God or not after it happened. So how do we know that the suicide was his destiny is not like that? Are we supposed to know in advance so taqdir of God can not say that taqdirnya committed suicide, but died elsewhere.

Thus `quota` man is not to mempertanyakana whether an incident is in conformity with taqdir God or not. But our ration is only trying to get good, health, keselamanat, security and all the good things. Business itself is a commandment of God.

From Ali ibn Abi Talib that the Prophet SAW bersbda, “None of you but have been recorded / determined his home, to heaven or to hell.” The shahabat asked, “Then let us leave the religious and charitable trust, just then?”. Rasulullah SAW said, “Beramalah, because everybody should be eased by God according to their creation.” (Narrated by Bukhari, Muslim)

Taqdir concept.

Taqdir it has four levels which are all required to believe.

a. Al-`Science, that one must believe that God knows all things global and detailed. He knows what has happened and what will happen. Since everything is known by God, both the detail and clear up any gestures creatures.

And in Him are the keys of the unseen, no one knows except Himself, and He knows what is on land and at sea, and not even a fallen leaf but He knows, and does not fall in any seed- in the dark earth, and not something wet or dry, but written in the book are real “(Surat al-an` am 59)

b. Al-Kitabah

That God recorded it all in lauhil mahfuz, as his word:

Do you not know that Allah knows whatever is in the heavens and the earth?; That are such that there is in a book. Lo! That is easy for Allah. (Surat al-Hajj: 70)

c. Al-Masyiah (will)

God’s will is general in nature. That there is nothing in heaven or on earth but occurs with iradat / masyiah (wishes / wants) of Allah SWT. So there are no unwanted in his power forever. Whether in relation to what was done by the Substance of God or by His makhluq.

His situation is indeed if He wants something just said to him: “Be!” so there it is. . Yassin: 82)

Had Allah willed, not berbunuh murder people after the apostles, after coming to them some kind of description, but they disagree, then there is between those who believe and some of them who disbelieve. Had Allah willed, they are not berbunuh’s murder. But Allah does what He wills .. Al-Baqarah: 253)

d. Al-Khalqu

That nothing in heaven and on earth but God as creator, owner and master pengaturnya.

We actually sent down the Book with the truth. So worship God by purifying keta’atan Him. (. Az-Zumar: 2)

only god knows.


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